Relax with Reflexology" my e-Book
Glenda Hodge....a reflexology practitioner since 1999

Learn many of the techniques that I used in my practice

This information will be of interest to people wanting to learn more about Reflexology so they can use it in their home environment, or to those who are studying Reflexology, and would like to see how another practitioner works.

The techniques are explained in simple language with easy to follow directions. 
It includes over 200 photos and diagrams to help make the words come alive.

I will describe to you what I did and how I did it.
I will share with you what I have learned from feet over my years of experience.
Included are my own reflexology charts for eleven of the body systems.  Individual charts make the position of the reflex much clearer.
I have recently retired from my clinical practice to focus on workshops and my next book.

“Relax with Reflexology” is not written as a comprehensive A-Z authority on Reflexology. 
It is basically a “HOW TO” e-Book for all those people interested in this wonderful modality.
The Contents…..
What is Reflexology
Zone Therapy
How does it work?
What will reflexology do for me?
What can be treated with reflexology?
Practical Application
Reflexology Terms
Anatomical terms
Bones of the feet
General Relaxation Techniques
Breathing relaxation techniques
Spine Reflex
Upper Spine (Cervical) including neck
Middle Spine (Thoracic) including shoulders, scapula and clavicle
Lower Spine and tailbone (Lumbar, Sacral and Coccyx) including sciatic nerve
Hip, Knee and Leg
Head, including sinuses, nose, jaw, eyes and ears
Chest and Lung, including asthma and bronchitis
Stomach, including digestion problems, liver and gall bladder
Bowel (Colon), including constipation
Lymphatic drainage including immune response
Bladder and kidney including prostate
Period pain, including female reproductive organs
Sequence to work the whole of the foot
Reflex points for eleven of the body systems


“Relax with Reflexology” is written in user friendly language.  This information is simple to understand and the diagrams are easy to follow.  There are over 200 photos, showing you exactly what to do and how to do it. 

“Relax with Reflexology” will explain what reflexology is, where it began and how it works.  It will talk about practical application and what creams I use, explain the reflexes and show the bones of the feet.

Most importantly it will tell you about the PRECAUTIONS I take.  I would NOT work reflexology on anyone’s feet if:

  • DVT (deep vein thrombosis) is present
  • Recent broken bones in the foot are still in the process of healing
  • Unstable pregnancy, particularly first trimester

I would be particularly aware of:

  • Warfarin
  • Organ transplants
  • Pinned bones
  • Essential oils

While Cancer was once contraindicated, it was taken off the list many years ago, because of its relaxing, pain relieving benefits.


·    Help you relax
·    Relieve your pain
·    Ease your stress and tension
·    Eliminate your waste
·    Improve your circulation
·    Increase your energy
·    Support your breathing
·    Stimulate your lymphatic drainage and improve your immunity
·    Help your digestion
·    Relax your muscles
·    Calm your mind and improve your sleep

Purchase my e-Book and let me share with you what I have learnt over the years.

Encourage your body to relax and heal through your FEET with REFLEXOLOGY….

How to purchase Relax with Reflexology as an instant download

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BONUS download. You will also receive my own reflex charts.  In trying to make it easier to identify the reflexes of the foot, I created 11 charts for the individual body systems.  (These charts have also been available, for some time, free of charge, on my FaceBook page Holistic-Reflexology.)

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Thank you for your interest

Alternative perspective on life, Reflexology and Astrology
Glenda Hodge, Queensland, Australia
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