About Glenda, looking at life through the cycles of her life as explored in Wisdom in Retrospect

Sixth Cycle – Learning about myself through relationships.  By the beginning of this cycle my zealous religious involvement had slowed and almost ended.  Looking backwards, there was an obvious beginning and end to those all but fanatical years of living out my religious beliefs.  This new cycle would take me in a different direction all together and herald a new era in my life.
Age 37 to 45

January 1984/ February 93
Domestic Manager/Housekeeper of a 200 bed nursing complex.

Seventh Cycle – Insights, endings, transformation and new beginnings.  When I originally divided my life into nine year cycles, this was the cycle that stood out clearly.  I initially named it Scorpio because the symbolism of the scorpion embraces death, rebirth and transformation.  Many things left my life during these years, to make way for all the new that would arrive in the next cycle.
Age 46 to 54

Catholic Parish Secretary for seven years
Ireland, London, Greece and Israel.  This was the beginning of major change.  I hadn’t yet reached my cycle of travel and expansion, but in this cycle, I would begin to put irreparable cracks in the armour.
Self- published my first book.  270 of my own sayings entitled Something to Think About
Certificate IV Reflexology, Reflexology Academy of Brisbane. 
Self employed as a Reflexology Practitioner, currently still practicing.
International Council of Reflexologists Conference, Rome.  This brought major changes in my religious beliefs.
Uluru.  With respect we share the earth.

Eighth Cycle – With renewed vision and understanding, I expanded all of my horizons.  In my previous cycle I cleared away much of what hadn’t been working for me or had lay stagnant over the years.  Many people and groups left my life.  Old patterns and beliefs were released and I stepped away from religion.  I had made space for the new to enter.  I was different and I felt differently.  It was time to apply the newly refreshed me to living.  This was a cycle of travel, learning, and exploring other philosophies
Age 55 to 63

The Next Evolutionary Step 
Reconnective HealingTM   Level I, II and III
Chinese Reflexology.  I began to change my style and use my knuckles
Horstmann Technique:  Practitioner Level Certificate
Reconnective HealingTM  Self Mastery Conference, Sedona Arizona
hanneling Workshop
Thought Field Therapy
The Melchizedek Method: Levels 1, 2, 3, 4, 5.1, 5.2, 5.3, No Time Activation.
Orion/DNA Practitioner Course
NLP Workshop
Spiritual Surgery Workshop
Psychic Development Workshops
Self Identity H’oponopono Conference, The Foundation of I, Hawaii.  Facilitator Dr Ihaleakala Hew Len.  I am responsibility.  On some level of my consciousness I have allowed, created or drawn to myself everything in my life.
Began to study astrology, which is the most effective tool of self-discovery I have come across to date. 

Peru, walked the Inca Trail to Machu Picchu. 
Chile, Argentina to Ushuaia and Uruguay, climbing an active volcano and visiting Tierra de  Fuego, the end of the earth.
Ann Arbor Michigan, New York and Dubai

Self expansion:
Wrote and presented a workshop: The Dilemma of Forgiveness versus The Challenge of Gratitude.
Wrote and presented two workshops:  Relax with Reflexology and The Essential Foot.  This would be the basis of Holistic Reflexology, written in 2010
Self-published first e-Book entitled Relax with Reflexology containing over two hundred photos and diagrams which I compiled specifically for the home user. 
Designed a postcard entitled: Everything I need to know about Life I have learned from Feet.
Wrote Wisdom in Retrospect, which would sit for many years before being published.
Speaker at the national conference Reflexology Association of Australia, Brisbane,  Research from a different perspective, applying metaphysical beliefs to discover consistent results.
Wrote and published my book Holistic Reflexology, the eight principles. It has sold in 14 countries, in printed and e-Book format.

Ninth cycle – Speaking in my own right; reaping the rewards of my hard work.  The cycles have continued to follow an established pattern that I recognized through astrology.  I have not been disappointed.  I knew that in this cycle I would reap the rewards of my many years of hard work.  I was finally ready to speak with my own voice of authority and present my own ideas and concepts; whether others agreed with me or not. 
Age 64 to 73

Astrology presentation at the annual branch meeting RAoA, Understanding yourself through Astrology
Astrology presentation at the Brisbane general meeting RAoA, Does Astrology have a place in the practice of natural therapies.
2011 and 2012
Presented Holistic Reflexology and Astrology Workshops in Townsville, Toowoomba, Rockhampton and Brisbane.
Presenter at the national conference Reflexology Association of Australia, Launceston, Stepping into the Future and knowing what to leave behind.
Presenter at the national conference Reflexology Association of Australia, Melbourne, The Cyber World of possibility and you; embracing the challenges and rewards of the unknown.

Published Wisdom in Retrospect under the pen name of Emma Gilbert. The book describes 64 lessons in life, common to many of us, and asks us to look back with insight to discover wisdom hiding in the shadows. Available online from leading book stores.

Active interest in: Facebook on Holistic Reflexology, Twitter @HolisticReflex, LinkedIn and Pinterest www.pinterest.com/holisticlady

You Tube: Chakras of the feet videos.

Continuing my travels throughout this cycle...... Arabian Gulf and South America to Antarctica

Alternative perspective on life, Reflexology and Astrology
Glenda Hodge, Queensland, Australia
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