Book_coverHOLISTIC REFLEXOLOGY, the eight principles
Self-discovery through your feet

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My book is not about the practical application of reflexology. 
It explores what I  have learnt about sore feet, body symptoms and lifestyle through working as a reflexology practitioner since 1999.

When I began to think 'outside the square' and apply what I found to my reflexology practice,
I discovered many things about body symptoms and disease I hadn't considered previously. 

Discover the eight principles of holistic reflexology

#1 Anatomy and physiology reflect another perspective

assumes that the body is not in discomfort just to make life unpleasant, but is trying to attract attention to a specific issue that needs attention.  Knowing only the basics of each system and its relevant organs is the beginning of understanding what the body is trying to communicate.  Discussion will consider each body system from a metaphysical perspective.

#2 Chakras reveal flow and blockages in energy

looks at the issues that sit in certain areas of the foot and suggests causes for the discomfort.

#3 Elements express their energy through the toes

discusses the elements as expressed through the toes and how imbalance can affect our lifestyle.

#4 Organs hold emotions, often suppressed

focuses on the emotions held within the major organs and how a painful reflex in the foot can be an indicator of emotions rather than the physical.

#5 Left and right define who, how and when

defines left and right and is usually combined with other indicators on the foot to discern who the problem is associated with, when it happened and how it unfolded.

#6 Shape, texture and position show strength and weakness, potential and challenge

notices the shape, texture and position of the foot which is alive with vitality and information.  Itís not so much about reading the foot as connecting with its energy.
#7 Words and phrases draw a parallel to the cause

encourages people to listen intently to the words used to tell a story.  They are vital to the puzzle.  It is about being attentive.

#8 I attract my own issues

asks us to think about the people and circumstances in our lives and consider their purpose

Learn about the metaphysical connection to the body systems

·         Nervous System is about communication and interpreting

·         Endocrine System focuses on authority figures and learning through negative feedback

·         Cardiovascular System is connected to flow and blockages and being on the right track

·         Lymphatic System and Immunity is associated with picking up after others, self-protection and self-criticism

·         Skeletal System gives structure, restructure and infrastructure

·         Muscular System is about divided loyalties as it pulls in two directions

·         Digestive System has a lot to do with process and teamwork as it assimilates and disposes

·         Respiratory System deals with fair exchange and transition

·         Reproductive System develops develops creative expression

·         Integumentary System defines boundaries, security and a willingness to be on show

·         Special Senses gives you a way to remember

Some comments from people who have purchased the book..... 

I came across one of your articles a few weeks ago which led me to your website and knew I had to order it.  Have skimmed over a couple of foot reading books but yours seems to be a different angle and thoroughly fascinating.  Thank you so much for sharing

Hi Glenda,
Iím looking forward to receiving the book.  Iíve been enjoying your blog and Facebook page. Iím also going to order a copy for my friend. 

I got it Glenda!  I am so excited to get started on it.  Just from reading your website info, I have already determined the source of this problem.  That decreased the pain, but I am still struggling with how to move forward with it.  I have always known that my body is talking to me when there is any issues and that I need to listen, but I had no knowledge about the feet.  Many thanks for all your wisdom and for sharing it!

If you haven't sent it yet, can I ask that you autograph the book for me please. I forgot to ask this morning when we were chatting. I like to get my books autographed by the author if I can - I feel it adds more 'energy' to the book - it's almost like you have that little bit extra of the author

I have already posted it, but you might like to write this on the inside coverÖ..

May your vision transcend the obvious

May your knowing lead you to discovery

May your essence be unveiled in all its splendour

Knowing all is well

Love Glenda

Hello Glenda.....  I just ordered your book and after looking at your website, I hope to attend your workshop some day.  Words can't express the connection I had just reading an excerpt from your book.  I am so there - been there for years with the holistic approach - mental, emotional, spiritual, physical and social aspects of people's lives.  My clients have benefited from my approach because I want them to understand the 'hole' of the congestion/disconnect they have so they can understand the concept of being 'whole' - connected - mentally, physically and emotionally.   I know I will gain much wisdom than ever after reading it.

I just wanted to say 'thank you' for writing it.  To me, awareness is everything - from the breathing we do and how we do it (of which I am writing an article on as we speak) to the domino affect of how we live our lives. 

Hi, Glenda.... Just took a quick look... can't wait to print it all out tomorrow! I love your ideas!  They are so on the same page as mine!  Blessings

FaceBook post 7 April 2012...... Just sold my first book in Spain and I don't advertise there. Thank you if someone sent a link to a friend. Now people are reading this in Ireland, UK, Israel, India, Canada, USA, New Zealand and Australia. I taped the first half of a recent workshop but the questions being asked from participants were not clear. So I have decided that in the next couple months, I will record the whole 12 hour workshop and make it available on CD or WAM file. Now I think of it, that would be a good thing to launch when I speak at the Australian national conference in September later this year.

 A replyÖÖ Well I as one of your readers from Ireland, thought it was a great book well worth a read, with some amazing tips. Thank you

Early in 2010 I submitted a proposal to conduct a workshop at the national conference of the Reflexology Association of Australia. The title of the conference was Celebrating Research. My workshop was entitled, Research from a Different Perspective, applying metaphysical principles to attain consistent results. My offer was declined as the workshop spots had been taken.  However, another speaker pulled out and I was invited to give a presentation.

In preparing what I wanted to say, I realized I had so much more information than I would be able to use in the time span allocated to me.  That was when I decided, against all odds, to put this book together and launch it at the conference.  Logic said that I would never pull it off as I had left it too late to begin but the Universe stepped in, as always, and guided me to the perfect people I needed to help me achieve my goal.

I had written some of the content for a workshop a few years before so I thought all I had to do was expand it a little and put it together.  Of course, that turned out to be a much bigger undertaking that I thought.  For a few weeks it became my total focus for I knew that whatever I focused on expanded and what I thought about with passion manifested itself in my reality.

Feet tell the story of your body

your body speaks for your soul

all too often

logic takes control

the mind interprets

intuition is ignored

the messages of the feet are lost to physical pain

potential for growth passes by unnoticed

The word metaphysical is sometimes misunderstood. The dictionary describes the word as a philosophical study of the nature of reality concerned with questions such as the existence of God and the external world. This explanation is the context in which I use the word: a philosophical study of the nature of the reality. In my case the reality is sore feet, sickness and disease.

By considering the metaphysical connection between the foot, body and lifestyle, it can be easier than you might think to discover a starting point to what is blocking the healing process.

Feet, disease and body symptoms hold the answers to many unresolved questions about health and life in general.

They are not trying to make life unpleasant.

They are trying to give you a message. 

They are trying to draw attention to an area of your life needs to be addressed.

Your body is not in disease or distress simply because it wants to give you a bad day....   It is trying to tell you something ABOUT YOURSELF that needs YOUR attention. What you believe, you think about.   What you think about with emotion, you create.......

Einstein said ďYou canít solve a problem with the same mind that created it.Ē  
Could Einstein have believed that the mind is a vital component of creation?

The Law of Conservation of Energy.... Energy can neither be created nor destroyed, but merely changes from one form to another, E=mc2. 

There is always a bigger picture and the further you are removed from the specific, the clearer the picture becomes.


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Alternative perspective on life, Reflexology and Astrology
Glenda Hodge, Queensland, Australia
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