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Why am I sick - Discovering the messages of your body systems, disease and symptoms Based on Principle #1 of my book, Holistic Reflexology, the eight principles

Why are my feet sore - Discovering the messages of your feet

Based on Principles #2 to #8

While these workshops are part of Holistic Reflexology, the eight principles, in some ways they are STAND ALONE units. In other ways they complement each other and help to explain the concepts and ideas I will present.

 Why am I sick?   Discover the messages of your body systems, disease and symptoms

Based on Principle #1 - Anatomy and physiology reflect another perspective.  The workshop presumes that body is not in discomfort just to make life unpleasant.  It is trying to attract attention to a specific issue that needs attention.  Knowing only the basics of each system and its relevant organs is the beginning of understanding what the body is trying to communicate.

Discussion will consider each of the body systems from a  the metaphysical perspective

·         Nervous System is about communication and interpreting

·         Endocrine System focuses on authority figures and learning through negative feedback

·         Cardiovascular System is connected to flow and blockages and being on the right track

·         Lymphatic System and Immunity is associated with picking up after others, self-protection and self-criticism

·         Skeletal System gives structure, restructure and infrastructure

·         Muscular System is about divided loyalties as it pulls in two directions

·         Digestive System has a lot to do with process and teamwork as it assimilates and disposes

·         Respiratory System deals with fair exchange and transition

·         Reproductive System develops develops creative expression

·         Integumentary System defines boundaries, security and a willingness to be on show

·         Special Senses gives you a way to remember

Why are my feet sore?   Discover the messages of your feet

Based on Principle #2 to #8 of my book Holistic Reflexology, the eight principles
The workshop presumes that the foot is not in pain to make life unpleasant.  It is trying to attract attention to a specific issue that needs attention. 

#2 Chakras reveal flow and blockages in energy and looks at the chakra areas on the foot and the issues they contain.  It then considers common foot ailments and conditions that  appear in these areas.  In combing the two it suggests a possible cause for the discomfort e.g. a spur on the heel, tinea on the toes, plantar wart on the ball of the foot.   

#3 Elements express their energy through the toes and discusses the elements; air, fire, water and earth, as expressed through the toes and considers how the shape and texture of the toes can reveal excess or lack

#4 Organs hold emotions, often suppressed and focuses on the emotions held within the major organs and how a painful reflex in the foot can be an indicator of emotions rather than a physical problem.  This sections also considers the theory that energy and matter are interchangeable and the possible results of suppressing emotions

#5 Left and right define who, how and when and defines who the problem is associated with, male or female, when it happened, past or present and how it unfolded

#6 Shape, texture and position show strength and weakness, potential and challenge; noticing the shape, texture and position of the foot is another way to collect information about areas in life where a person may feel pressured, in need of protection, be inflexible, show stoic resolve.  This section also discusses common foot problems such as Morton's neuroma and plantar fasciitis.

#7 Words and phrases draw a parallel to the cause; encourages people to listen intently to the words they use to tell their story.  They are vital to solving the puzzle or sore feet and pain.

#8 I attract my own issues.  This topic asks us to think about the people who come into our lives and consider their purpose, especially those who we find difficult

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Workshop Feed-back:

  • I loved your workshop and it is the only one that makes sense to me because it is individualised and holistic.  Others tend to ‘read’ feet.  For example how many times have I heard that cracked heels means being stubborn!  Your take on cracked heels makes so much more sense in relation to the chakras – a break away / split or separation from tribe.  I hear myself saying ‘yes, you’ve got it Glenda, that’s just what it is!’  I think your stories are wonderful and they are fast becoming your signature way of teaching.  The stories and then your analysis afterwards is a great teaching tool and certainly explains your work clearly and shows the results.
  • I found it fascinating how, just by asking a few simple questions of your client you were able to offer them some advice or ideas to help them de-stress their lives as well as giving them the wonderful relaxing reflexology on their feet. It really is a win win situation for your client.  I also enjoy listening to your many stories and always take something away to think about. Thoroughly recommend holistic reflexology to any practitioner.
  • Hi Glenda...have been reading through your book with fresh eyes since our workshop....everything you say in the Throat Chakra Healing is so true. I think I will have to buy lots of copies of your book to give to everyone...I know so many people who would benefit from the insights in it.
  • Great workshop I got lots out of it.
  • Glenda's course is an empowering experience; thought-provoking and teaches how to think well outside-the-square with respect to health symptoms and the underlying causes.
  • I found your workshop was "succinct and insightful" and I look forward to the opportunity to attend an astrology workshop, and perhaps one to cover the personal growth stuff.
  • Your Holistic Reflexology workshops confirmed for me the mind, body & spirit connection that enables our clients to heal.
  • I thoroughly enjoyed the workshop.  It helped me to approach the feet from totally different thought patterns which gives you more insight into causes and conditions.  I came away totally inspired.
  • It was wonderful.  I enjoyed it very much, not only for the information you gave us but I loved listening to you and your experiences.  I look forward to the next one.
  • For me, Glenda has put together the last pieces of my jig-saw. I know that I still have a way to go but I think that maybe the rest of the journey will be a little easier now that the self-awareness has reached a higher dimension.
  • I just wanted to thank you again for a wonderful workshop. It has certainly given me a deeper understanding into life in general.
  • I am feeling very blessed and changed for the better somehow due to the weekend.  Awesome weekend Glenda!
  • I have used what I learned with three clients so far and it worked - they had insight into themselves.   Another practitioner who attended the workshop told me she also has had the same thing happen.


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