Stepping into the future and knowing what to leave behind:  Listening to the body for guidance

The focus of this workshop is personal
growth and reaching potential through healing the Chakras.
t explores issues,
emotions and diseases that are connected with the Chakra areas of the body, seeks to uncover the blockages and suggests alternatives.  It invites the participant to step past the physical and logical and look at life from a different perspective.

The workshop is a modified and extended version of my presentation at the national conference of the Reflexology Association of Australia in Launceston, September 2012. It builds upon and expands Principle #2 of my book Holistic Reflexology, the eight principles - Chakras reveal flow and blockages in energy.  While the Chakras were discussed from an objective perspective in the Holistic Reflexology Workshop, this takes a more subjective approach.

This workshop will be of interest to those who are looking past the obvious in search of a deeper meaning to life, symptom and disease.

Knowing what to leave behind is the first step into a healthy and happy future

The focus of this workshop is to discover what is limiting a person's potential and personal growth by identifying the cause of any pain or discomfort that is present in the Chakra areas of the body.

Symptoms, lifestyle and the people we meet are all bringing information about ourselves.  They are trying to help us identify what needs to addressed in our lives, uncover the unconscious patterns that no longer serve us as adults and help us recognize the changes necessary to reach our potential.

Workshop Content:

  • Discusses the issues,emotions and symptoms that are hidden in certain areas of the body
  • Helps to uncover the relevant underlying behaviour patterns, beliefs or family traits
  • Encourages participants to consider how, when and why such patterns were developed
  • Identifies the effects such patterns have on a person's lifestyle and health
  • Offers alternatives and possibilities to replace out-dated thought patterns and beliefs that are limiting one’s highest potential

Observing the body on an energetic level 
  •  The BASE CHAKRA in the lower body holds groups, family, culture and emotionally security
  • The SACRAL CHAKRA around the hips and pelvic area reflect one on one relationships and material security
  • The SOLAR PLEXUS CHAKRA of the upper abdomen draws attention to personal boundaries
  • The HEART CHAKRA relates to intuitive knowing, love and forgiveness, joy and happiness
  • The THROAT CHAKRA at the base of the neck, extends its energy across the shoulders to the hands. It is the crossroads, the pivot between the heart and the head; the signpost to the past or the future. It contains responsibility, not only for speaking up but for consciously creating one’s own life circumstances
  •  The THIRD EYE CHAKRA on the forehead is the place of judgment, where something is made right or wrong
  • The CROWN CHAKRA at the top of the head embraces all that is involved in connecting to Spirit

Discovering energy blockages with the intent of healing the physical body.....
Without further explanation some of the points of discussion may seem confronting, but that is exactly what the workshop is about, discussion and clarity of the unexplained or illogical.

Workshop overview......

Healing the Base Chakra

  •  Identifying beliefs and patterns
  •  I chose my path before I came
Healing the Sacral Chakra
  • Like attracts like
  • Difficult people and power games
  • Law of Attraction        
  • Marrying the parent

Healing the Solar Plexus Chakra

  • Honour your boundaries and rules
  • The Martyr takes power from another
  • The Victim gives their power to another
  • Chaos before order   
Healing the Heart Chakra
  • The dilemma of forgiveness versus the challenge of gratitude
  • The apology

Healing the Throat Chakra

  • H’oponopono, I am responsible

Healing the Third Eye Chakra

  • The open or closed mind
  • Positive and negative are necessary for any experience in the physical reality
Healing the Crown Chakra
  • God, the gift of divinity
  • Who am I?
In introducing this workshop, it is important to say that what I do follows what I believe.  Therefore what I believe underpins and guides my work as a holistic reflexology practitioner.   I do not presume that everyone believes what I do, but by your presence on this webpage, I take it that you are interested in what I have to say. 

I cannot prove a lot of what I will talk about in this workshop, but I know that on taking up many of these concepts and ideas, my life changed.  I began to understand much about life that made no sense to me for many years.

There is some cross over between this workshop and my book, Holistic Reflexology, but for the greater part, the issues discussed in this workshop/workbook are not addressed in detail in my book. 
However, the concepts of this workshop were initially included in Part 2 of the Holistic Reflexology workshop when Part 2 extended over 2 days.  They have since been taken out as they are specifically related to personal growth and potential and so they became a workshop with their own focus.

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