SORE FEET.......

You can put up with sore feet for just so long, before they affect your lifestyle, become debilitating and give you a feeling of hopelessness.

 If you are prepared to think a little outside the square,

 I might be able to help you with your sore feet.

You have two options:
Continue to do what you have been doing..... which might not be giving you the relief you are seeking
Treat your sore feet from a different perspective..... unravel their messages, then there is a good chance that the pain levels will reduce

Firstly, let me tell you a story about one of my clients and her sore feet.......

A lady came to me with a right sore heel, with pain travelling up the heel and across the soft tissue towards the ankle. This lady had been regularly seeing a podiatrist for many months and wearing orthotics. Nothing was giving relief and an operation had been discussed as it seemed to be the only option left to relieve the pain.

Because I approach pain a little differently from some people I know, I initially considered where the pain on the foot was.  This made me think it was related to her place in the community, with a possibly connection to money issues.

Her husband was a minister of religion and was close to retirement, which meant they would leave the area, their friends and their home of many years. They would relocate, be estranged from everyone who had supported them in the past and re-establish their life. They would soon be leaving the community in which they both played a vital role. Like many people facing retirement, there were concerns about future finances. She understood the connection I was making between her foot pain and her forthcoming lifestyle changes.

Before long she was back driving, walking, exercising and doing all the things she hadn’t been able to do for many months. She was also acknowledging the emotions associated with this change of lifestyle. There was never any more talk of an operation.

 Book_coverIf you think of your sore feet as nothing more than a message to you, then all you have to do is figure out what they are trying to say.  It’s not all that difficult to decipher their messages and there is a good chance they will improve.

The first question you must ask yourself is:

How long have my feet been sore?

What was happening in my life when they became sore?

If you think back in detail to around that time, there is usually something – something you did, something someone else did, something you didn’t want to do, a lifestyle change, a career change.  If an incident doesn’t come to mind immediately, don’t worry.  It will most probably surface before too long.

The physical problem with your feet can give you a clue:
  • Fractures or any bone issues are related to restructuring something in your life, or your infrastructure that supports you.  Bone problems can also be about fortifying yourself in a particular situation e.g. a spur on the heel would be related to strengthening your position in your family or group.
  • Tendons are connective tissue and are bringing your attention to how you connect or disconnect from others.
  •  Ankles, in reflexology, are connected to the hip and the hip, metaphysically speaking, is associated with power games, one to one relationships and money.  Therefore a sprained ankle could be drawing your attention to one of these issues.
  •  Morton's neuroma is a bundle of benign nerve endings, sitting below and between the base of the third and fourth toe.  Anything related to nerves suggests to me a communication issue, in some form or other.   
  • Plantar faciitis is inflammation of the facia.  You could be pulled in two directions, resulting in divided loyalties.  You could be doing all the things you should be doing instead of all the things you want to do or love to do.

These are just a few examples of foot problems.  Whether the problem is on the left or right, and what part of the foot is tender will also tell you a lot more. 

One of the reasons I have written “Holistic Reflexology”, is to put into simple language much of what I have learnt over the past twelve years a
s I have worked with feet as a reflexology practitioner, thinking outside the square. 

My book is not about reflexology per se.  It is about improving the quality of your life through awareness.  It will give you an opportunity to discover what sore feet and body symptoms are trying to tell you.  If you take action on what you learn, then it is quite possible that your foot or health issue will improve.

See the bottom of page to order.

Still thinking outside the square and putting logic aside for a moment…..

Where the pain is on your feet will tell you a lot about what areas of your life you need to have a closer look at.

In explaining this concept I use the chakras and place them on the feet as if they were placed in the body. 

  • The heel is about belonging, your place in the group, your culture, traditions and childhood
  • Lower arch is about how you relate to the other, one to one relationships, physical security and money
  • Upper arch is about your relationship to yourself and your boundaries
  • The heart on the large joint is about joy and happiness and gratitude and forgiveness
  • The throat is about speaking up, living in the past or projecting to the future, the ability to create your own reality and responsibilities
  • Middle of the big toe is related to seeing with another perspective and allowing
  • Top of the hallux and toes is related to ego and unity

Client story:  A lady came with a very tender upper arch on her left foot.  I circled the area and said that it was her ‘boundary band’.  She responded that she had cut off all communication with her mother because of boundary issues.  The foot was telling me its own story.

In my book, “Holistic Reflexology” I expand these concepts in details and suggest how to heal these chakra issues that are causing specific pain in certain areas of your feet.  Remember your feet are not sore to make your life unpleasant.  They are trying to tell you something about yourself that needs to be addressed.


Toes are related to the elements and help you understand yet another aspect of yourself through your feet.

  • The big toe is related to ether and connected to ego, unity and oneness
  • The second toe is associated with the element of air and air is connected to communication
  • The third toe expresses fire and fire has to do with passion.  Do you live with passion or just exist
  • The fourth toe embraces water, and water reveals your feelings. How you relate to yourself defines how you will relate to others.
  • The fifth toe is Earth and tells me about how well the person is grounded (fixed and placed) in the family and community. 

A toe story:

A female client told me that every so often the second toe (communication) on her right foot (male) got very sore but only when she wore a particular pair of shoes which was once every week. I wondered why she wore these particular shoes each week and what was she doing when she had them on. The way I think, it has to be connected to communication with a male.

She was a teacher of sorts, who shared this teaching role with her partner. She was the leader and taught six nights of the week. She didn’t really want her partner to teach at all because she didn’t like his method, but she let him teach just one night a week so he wouldn’t feel left out. That one night was the night she wore the shoes that gave her a sore toe. She never commented on his teaching methods because she knew it would erupt into an argument, so she kept her mouth shut, didn’t communicate what she really felt and thought, wore the same shoes every week and blamed the shoes for the sore toe.

 Some people aren’t open to how I think and would prefer to use medication rather than deal with a difficult issue in their life.

ORGANS, hold emotions often suppressed and are found in the reflexes of the feet according to reflexology

A tender liver reflex doesn’t necessarily mean that you have a problem with your liver.  It could be holding anger and resentment


  • Kidneys hold fear and phobia
  • Heart is associated with joy and happiness
  • Lungs hold grief and guilt
  • Anxiety and stress will show in the stomach

A client who has been coming to see me for many years has a chronic lung disease.  Her lung reflexes are often painful.  Two of her children were born with disabilities.  Her young son died some years ago and her daughter, who still lives at home, requires full time care. Her lungs are the obvious place she would carry the grief for her children which show up in the balls of her feet.

My book includes all the reflexes of the body systems to help you find what a tender part of your foot could be trying to tell you. 

LEFT or RIGHT will help you understand the who, how and when of your foot pain

Client story:
A lady came to see me with a left ankle problem. Several operations had not improved the ankle and she felt the problem was back where it all started. As an afterthought, she told me that the fifth toe on her left foot was swollen and tender. She thought she had broken it. Also as an afterthought, she told me that she had cared for her father for many years and he had died recently. She had been very close to him. 

The toe drew my attention before the ankle. The toe had been sore for about eight weeks and her father had died eight weeks ago, but she had not put the two together.

The father’s illness and death would have shown up on the right foot. The left ankle and toe were most probably related to the mother. She told me her mother was still alive and had become more and more difficult over the years as focus was given to the father.

As the ankle is the reflex for the hip, which is associated with power games and the small toe is related to belonging and family, the foot problem clearly became related to the mother and what was going to happen to her now her husband had died. The left ankle was related to the client’s future in relation to the mother.

The client came back the following week. Her small toe was back to normal. There was no redness or pain.

“I don’t know what you did,” she said “you hardly touched it.” All I did was bring her attention to the underlying cause. The toe wasn’t painful to make her life unpleasant.  It was trying to tell her something.

SHAPE, TEXTURE and POSITION show strength and weakness, potential and challenge


  •  An upright foot tells me that the person knows what they want in life and is well on their way to achieving it.
  • Bunions at the heart area of the foot talk to me about stoic resolve. As the tendon slips and the heart protection weakens the bunion develops as strong protection.
  • Dorsiflexion with protruding tendons has repeatedly shown me a person who has been given responsibility at an early age or, as an adult, something had been thrust upon them that they felt they had no choice but to take up.
  • Toes that are curled under draw my attention to a person who can be stubborn and won’t be told anything. They continue to do everything their way even to their own detriment.


  •  Calluses and thickened skin are obviously some form of defence and where they sit on the foot points to what they are protecting.
  • Deep cracks and splits around the heel indicate a breaking away or splitting from the group, family or tradition.
  • Blisters are letting me know that they are under pressure from an outside influence.
  • Plantar warts, unlike other warts, are sensitive to pressure. They are usually found on the plantar surface of the ball of the foot or heel, a sign of sensitivity to the family or heart.
  • Infected nail beds imply that something is eating away at them.
  •  Ingrown toenails can suggest focusing inwardly on yourself or being self-centred.
  • A crunchy texture at the top of the toes is suggesting that the person spends a lot of time in their head thinking about things.
  • The base of the big toe holds many secrets, one being whiplash. They have been whipped back to have a second look at something or have been given a great push from the back to get on with it.


  • A foot that falls outwards, is distancing from a situation
  • A foot that falls inwards is looking for support.
Client example:

I worked with a lady for a few years who was in her nineties.  In her younger days she had been a brilliant musician; a lead violinist in a prominent orchestra.  She stopped playing when she had a child.When she returned to her music, she was offered a place in the orchestra.  She told me that if she couldn’t be lead, then she wouldn’t be part of the orchestra.  She wanted to be remembered as the best.  She never picked up her fiddle (as she called it) again.   When I began working with her, all of her toes were turned under.  She had dug her toes in (as the saying goes) and never played again.  She literally shut her talents down; cut herself off from her greatest ability.


The words you use to describe your foot pain can also be a clue as to where its origins are.

Over and above all of these clues is anatomy and physiology 

The most basic knowledge of anatomy and physiology will help you discover what the issue is most probably related to.  If you understand how the body works then it is relatively simple to parallel that understanding to a different level.

Each of the body systems, looked at from a *metaphysical perspective will give you another possibility as to why your feet are sore or your body in distress.

Just taking a look at a couple of body systems from a metaphysical perspective:

  • Nervous System is about interpreting information and communication
  • Endocrine System focuses on authority figures and learning through negative feedback

*Metaphysics being..... a philosophical study of the nature of reality, concerned with questions such as the external world. In my case the reality I have chosen to study is sore feet, sickness and disease.

Your feet are not painful, tender and burning just to make your life miserable.

You don’t have bunions simply to make your shopping experience for shoes difficult.

Sprained ankles aren’t in support of the hot and cold pack industry.

Orthotics are not designed because of a bad shoe last.

Feet hold the answers to many unresolved questions about health and life in general.

  • Sore feet are not trying to make life unpleasant.
  • Sore feet are trying to give you a message.
  • Sore feet are trying to draw attention to what area of life needs to be addressed.

DISCOVER MORE ABOUT YOUR sore feet, body symptoms and discomfort

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