aa_testcover_Wisdom in Retrospect,
glancing back with insight to discover wisdom hiding in the shadows, 64 lessons of life, written under the pen name of my grandmother, Emma Gilbert

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My book talks about 64 lessons of life that many would have experienced at some time or other. 64 short stories to read..... 64 meditations to ponder.

My stories are written as an encouragement to think about what life is teaching you, an invitation to look at what you have set aside, and an opportunity to look at life from a different perspective. 

Wisdom in Retrospect
, glancing back with insight, to discover wisdom hiding in the shadows, 64 lessons of life

I have learned countless lessons in life but have only included sixty-four, and while I have numbered them one to sixty-four, that is not necessarily the order in which they appeared in my life.  Many of these lessons presented themselves in my earlier years when I was not aware of the role I played in creating my life circumstances; when I believed in right and wrong as absolutes and I was enveloped by the beliefs of others. It was only in retrospect that I could see the value that many of these situations had to offer me, and how important the experience was to moulding me into who I am today.

Each chapter is independent of the others.  They end with my real time thoughts on the story and life lesson, and offer an invitation for you to think about your own.   To help you do this I have included a few questions and promptings entitled, Something for you to think about.  

At first glance this book may seem like my life story; in reality itís not.  I have simply used my own stories as examples to help you discover your own.  I cannot prove a lot of the conclusions I have come to, but the peace of mind, order and understanding of life that they have brought to me, has encouraged me to continue along my own path of self-discovery.  My ability to look at life differently, has been my great reward.

Lesson 1
Here I am again; I must like this place
I chose the circumstances of my birth; including my family, timing and lessons

Lesson 13
What was love? At twenty I had absolutely no idea
Understanding myself was essential to understanding others

Lesson 16
What did my children hope to learn by choosing me as their mother?
If I chose my life circumstances, then it followed that my children chose theirs

Lesson 25
Reflections of myself were all around me but I wasnít ready to recognize them
Like attracts like; I needed to identify the core issue shared with others not focus on its expression

Lesson 39
I wasnít trying to find excuses; I wanted to understand my behaviour
My ego will survive a lesson in humility

Lesson 46
I never took visiting other dimensions and meeting aliens seriously, untilÖ.
There are some things that cannot be explained within the limits of the physical universe

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