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The Planets represent a part of us, on a personal, social and trans-personal level
The Signs are how we express that part of us
The Houses are where we will more than likely experience their effect
Aspects tell us how easily we will access and use our energies

The aim of this Workshop is to help you understand yourself through understanding the basics of astrology.  As your understanding of these basics grow, you will be able to apply them to your own Natal Chart.  By understanding yourself, you will have a greater understanding of others.

The focus of the workshop is on planets, signs, houses, aspects and elements.  It covers:

  • the basic key words and concepts attached to each of the signs, houses and planets
  • aspects (the distance planets are apart and the effect they have on each other)
  • a general overview of what to look for in a Natal Chart

While the Workshop will not cover the above topics in great detail, it will give you a starting point as to what a Natal Chart is about.  Preparation with some advanced reading would be of great benefit. My astrology page on this site has some basic information as well as these two websites. 
Cafe Astrology 
Astro Library

There are countless astrology sites on the web and many of these sites have excellent information about how to teach yourself astrology but since I have been holding astrology groups, I find the key to clarity is in the discussion

Understanding the basics of Astrology is not difficult, maybe a little complex for a beginner when they start to put the information together, but it is not difficult. 

There are only twelve signs to learn about, ten planets to understand, twelve houses to become familiar with and a few aspects.  That is not a huge amount of information to take on board, keeping in mind that you don't have to keep all this information in your head.  The more you play and work with Astrology, the more you will remember, and there is an ocean of information on the web you can refer to.

Astrology has the ability to tell a person where their potential lies, where they will be stretched and their fall back behavior patterns when stressed.  It also has the ability to suggest timing in relation to many events and what needs to be dealt with before a person can move forward.  Over and above all of this, it will help you to understand yourself.

Birth Time:  While it is necessary to have an accurate birth time to determine the House placements, a lot of information can be discovered about yourself without one.  Many hospitals records noted birth times and with a simple phone call and a nominal fee you may be surprised to find your birth time is in their archives.  Others would suggest, that if you don't have an accurate birthday, use a pendulum.

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